Choose Happiness!

Today I want to talk about being happy.


We often blame others for our unhappiness. I know I was doing that very thing this morning.  My four-year-old woke me up this morning earlier than usual. Most people know that I have never been a morning person.

To make it worse, he was whining, and demanding a cheese sandwich and an apple.  I make breakfast for the three of us every morning, but the fact that he was practically yelling at me to get out of bed and make him food was not cool with me.  He continued to whine, and tell me that I wasn’t moving fast enough.  He was pretty much acting horrible.  I told him off for whining, but I was crabby all morning.  I just felt negative, and grumpy.  I didn’t want to do anything for anybody, which is an especially bad attitude to have when you have little children to take care of.

I told myself that I wanted to have a good day.  I wanted to be happy today.  I listened to an affirmations recording that I recently found.  At first I thought it was kind of goofy with its new-agey music, and a man with a Texan accent.  Today was different though.

I listened to the content of the words, rather than the silly music, or the man’s accent.  After I listened to it, my day was completely turned around.

I am the only person that has control over my mood.  I am in control of my life, and I am the person that gets to choose when I am happy. So, I did the best I could.  I put a smile on, got the boys dressed, and we walked outside.  The sun was shining, and it was a beautiful spring day.  I let the positive affirmations and the sunshine affect me.  I chose to forget about my bad morning.  We sang some songs together in the car, and I’ve been in a good mood for the rest of the day.

I can choose which of my surroundings will affect me.  Negative things around me only have the power to affect me if I let them.

So I say to you: Choose to be happy today!  You can’t control your surroundings, but you can determine your reaction to them.

Choose happiness. 🙂


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