My Average Day Dream

Evan and I had an interesting conversation today.  We often dream together, and talk about what we would want to do in our future.

When we dream, he talks about going into the film business and writing and directing for TV.  I talk about traveling to exotic places.  He talks about buying a beautiful house, and I dream about a big yard with trees and water.  We talk about vacations, and what we would do on those vacations.  Those are all big things though.  Go big or go home, right?  I think it’s good to have big dreams, as long as you put the work in, behind those dreams. 🙂

Today was a little different.  We talked about an average day.  Right now, our average day is pretty traditional.  He goes to work at his desk job 40 hours a week, and I stay home with the kids.  Both of us work hard to build our business during this time.  Interspersed, we have church responsibilities, preschool related things, and social activities.  Pretty average, right?  We are very blessed, but I can’t help but want more.  Cue Little Mermaid…

What can I say?  I’m a 90’s kid.

“I want more… ” This is the part where you sing it to yourself. 😉

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 11.53.52 PM

Here’s how my absolutely perfect, but completely average day would go:

We would all wake up together, eat breakfast, and send the kids off to school.  Evan and I might go exercise together, and get some reading in.  We would have our business that we are growing online as our main source of income, and would get to work that morning on creating content, meeting new people, and helping others in their own businesses.  We might squeeze in some housework, then have lunch together.  We wouldn’t do anything fancy; remember this is a regular day.  We would probably just make sandwiches in the kitchen together, and talk.  In the afternoon, if we had more to do, we would continue with business related things.  We might meet with other business owners, or host a webinar.  If we were taking an easy day, we might go to the park, or I could bake some bread for an after school snack(something my mom did for me growing up).  The options would really be endless.  The kids would come home from school, or they might have after school activities.  We would sit down to dinner together, and have a great conversation, and in the evening, depending on the day, we could either have a family night, or have some alone time (introvert here!).

The general idea is that we would have complete freedom to do what we wanted with the day.  We could play, lounge, and especially, work together.  I love my family, so my ideal day would be where neither of us had to go into the office that day.  Our office would be our home.  Evan and I are constantly messaging each other throughout the day about business related things now, but in this scenario, we wouldn’t have to message each other, because we would be in the same room.  We are a great team now, but we could be even better.

It’s fun to dream about crazy vacations or big purchases, but that’s not really what drives me.  My goal is this average day, where we work together.  This is my dream.  I don’t want the fancy car, or the elaborate mansion.  I want to keep my family as close as possible.  I want the freedom to make my own schedule, and work alongside the person I love the most.  I want people on our team that work hard, work smart, and dream big.

Maybe all of this seems naive to you, and that’s OK.  It won’t stop me from thinking about it.  Dreams don’t always stay exactly the same either.  They evolve as we evolve.  It may change, but the thing that won’t change is the size of that dream.


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