We ended up visiting the “suicide slide”  today. 😉  Admittedly, there are definitely bigger thrills in the world, but for a two-year-old, this slide takes the cake for thrills.


As far as business is concerned, Evan and I have been focusing a lot on the importance of personal connections.  I usually start off my day by posting on Instagram.  I then comment and engage on other people’s posts.  I want to genuinely connect with people, and Instagram is great way of meeting people with common goals.  While I am connecting with people online for business purposes, my kids are usually parked in front of Disney Jr, eating cereal.  It doesn’t last all morning, but using the TV as a babysitter generally triggers some mommy guilt if I’m not careful with my time.  I try to make them my priority (it’s easy to meander on social media).  While it is important to connect with others for business purposes, it is more important to connect with these two awesome boys.


So we went to the park.

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He found a stick.


Lunchtime came, and it was time to leave.  Some took it better than others.


I hope you can make the time in your lives to connect with those people that are the most important, and connect with new people as well.  Human connection is really the most important part of life.  Let’s make it worth it. 🙂


If you would like to learn more about our business you can email me at or find us on our Facebook group.



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