What is in Your Heart?

-I have never thought of writing for repuation and honor. What I have in my heart must come out; that is the reason why I compose.-.jpg

This is the piano I grew up with.  Before it was in my home growing up, it was in my grandparent’s home.  There is definitely some sentiment attached to it.  I grew up in a very musical home, and in a way, view it as a first language.  While it’s not a typical language, it is used to communicate.  As a musician, you will be asked to read and/or write music, just like any other language.  While it may not function as the best language to ask your sister to pass the ketchup at the dinner table(or maybe it does… haha), it surpasses other languages when it comes to communicating complicated emotions and ideas.

I learned how to read music at a young enough age, that I don’t remember learning.  I learned how to hear and form harmonies, just by listening to what my mom was doing with us.  I learned about what chords naturally go together when my Dad introduced the guitar to me at a young age.  But the most important thing I learned was how to feel and communicate through music (thanks Mom and Dad).

We need to be able to feel and communicate in all aspects of life.  Beethoven felt compelled to write music.  What he felt in his heart had to come out. He felt compelled to communicate it with others.  His vehicle of communicating the passions of his heart was music.  It doesn’t have to be music for everyone though.  When I am passionate about my business, I feel compelled to talk to people about it, and share what I am doing.  Simple things can be a vehicle to express how we feel.  I can show my love for my family by watching my four-year-old do a somersault for the 15th time.  I can cook a meal for my family.  I can cuddle with my two-year-old.  I can kiss my husband.  That is how I show what is in my heart.

Here is the point of all of this:

Whatever you spend your time doing with your life, your year, your day, or the next 20 minutes, do it for a good reason.  Do it because you are passionate about something, and you must communicate that passion in some way.  Impressing other people or looking important is not a good enough reason.  Do it because it is important to you.  When it comes to your life, your opinion is what matters the most.


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