Can Grocery Shopping Make You Happy?

Everything started to go back to normal on Saturday.  My sweet boy that just got surgery last Tuesday was running around and giggling with his big brother.  This was a big change from the sad boy, stuck on the couch for the past three days.  I was grateful and happy.  Our normal routine is to go grocery shopping as a family on Saturday mornings, and everybody seemed up for it, so we headed to the store.

Maybe this is strange, but I love this routine that we have.  If you are familiar with The 5 Love Languages, I am a “quality time” person.  Every time all four of us go out together as a family, my happiness bucket is filled up.  It makes me feel fulfilled, and loved.  I know, it’s a little silly that grocery shopping makes me so happy.  I just like being with my family.  I like going out and doing things.  I wanted to share our routine, and hopefully help you in simplifying your life if grocery shopping has the opposite effect on you. 😉

Friday night, Evan and I get out a piece of paper, and plan.

Photo on 2-15-16 at 2.50 PM

We have two columns.  On the left side we write the days of the week, and what we want to have for dinner that evening.  On the right side, we list grocery items that we will need in order to make those dinners.  For example, if we are eating spaghetti on Monday(left column), we write noodles, sauce, ground beef, and fresh green beans in the right column.

After we have all of our dinners planned, we go through common things like milk, cheese, butter, bread, juice, and fresh fruit.  We make sure we have stuff for cereal, toast, or eggs for breakfast.  For lunch, we usually keep it simple and have sandwiches or quesadillas.  We go through, and make sure we have all of the ingredients for those things on the right side as well.  I usually make sure we have fruit for breakfast and lunch, and veggies for lunch and dinner.

We bring the list with us to the store, and when we get home, we put it on the fridge for the week.  I try to have a combination of complicated and simple things.  If I am making chicken pie, salmon with veggies, and soup with homemade bread that week, I try to fill in with simple things like grilled cheese and spaghetti on other days.  I don’t want to have complicated meals every day, because I would exhaust myself, and some days are just too busy.  I try to have some time-intensive meals throughout the the week though, because usually, those end up being healthier than the quick meals.  Usually. Haha.  They definitely tend to be more delicious.

We never have to decide what to eat on Friday.  We always make pizza on Friday, and watch a movie together.  It’s a fun tradition, and it’s nice to have one less thing to think about when planning.

One more suggestion, when it comes to trying to plan healthy:  It’s a good rule of thumb to buy most of your items from the produce, and back wall of the grocery store.  That usually gets you fruit, veggies, meat, and dairy.  Obviously there are some unhealthy things along the back wall, like those delicious crescent rolls that are terrifying to open.  There are also some things you may need in the aisles.  We get canned fruit, pasta sauce, bread, and frozen veggies in the aisles.  If you are trying to be healthy, most of your items should be from around the outer edges of the store though.

That’s it!  I hope hearing about our routine is helpful in making your own routine.  My best advice would be to simplify.  Do what is easiest for you.  Going to the grocery store 5 times a week is a waste of your valuable time.  Find what works for you, and make a routine for yourself.  I was just reading an article about how routine and structure makes for less stress in life.  Whatever makes your life simplest, and less stressful is probably a great grocery routine.

Anyway, I hope you have a fabulous week.  Oh!  I almost forgot!  We have our Instagram and Facebook groups set up.  You are welcome to go check them out, and join our communities, and ask any question you may have about us or our business.  We would love to make some new friends.

You could also email me at  I would love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “Can Grocery Shopping Make You Happy?

  1. Thanks for liking my recent post on Side/Dishes – grocery shopping often makes me quite cranky, largely because it’s a) a monumental undertaking after a day of work, and tough to squeeze in before dinner with a 2 year old; and b) building a routine requires a fair amount of energy! Building a healthy, successful routine isn’t as much of a slapdash operation as I once thought! I talk for a bit about building a slow cooker repertoire here: – and feel free to follow my blog. I cover a pretty wide swath of topics and views, so you might find some recipes/ideas of interest! 🙂


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