Time to Learn and Time to Act

Think of a new skill you are currently learning, or would like to learn.  It’s so exciting to learn something new, isn’t it?  I love learning new things, but I often get caught up in “practice mode”.  I learn, and learn, and I never actually “do”.  So how do you know when it’s time for action?  I’ll tell you.

It’s right now.

This post is for all of you, who are afraid to act.  You can learn about a subject, and never get any practical skills because of fear.  This was a problem for me when I first started a business with my husband.  I knew what I needed to do, but I was afraid.  Instead of jumping in, swan-dive style, I stood around the pool, learning about water.  Let’s stick with the swimming analogy for a moment.  If you are on the sidelines, testing the properties of water, will you ever learn how to swim?

I’ll let you answer that yourself.

This is basically what I was doing.  I took some business classes in college.  I studied, and read articles and books.  I studied the business model, and learned what others were doing in the same field.  I did not act.  I was too afraid.
I would now like to proclaim that I am ready to act.

It feels so much better to actually follow through.  Granted, it hasn’t been a beautiful swan-dive into the water.  It was more of an awkward walk-in, as if the water were too cold.  As I have walked, I’ve tripped over my own feet, and stumbled down the stairs.

It’s not how you get in the water though.

It’s only important that you get in.

Learning as you go is actually one of the best ways to learn.  The best way to do this, is to have a mentor, or teacher.  You need to find someone you trust, and then actually trust them.  I probably would have gotten into the water much more gracefully if I had sought advice from my mentors.

So here is my advice:  Find someone who knows how to swim.  Once you have found your teacher, trust them enough to just jump in.




If you would like to learn more about our business, you can email me at candidnetworkmarketing@gmail.com or check out our website here.


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