Have you ever used one of those old-fashioned hand pumps for water?20090613195613

You use the handle on the right to pump, and water comes out of the spout on the left.  If you have any personal experiences with these, you know that you have to pump for a long time before any water comes out.   If you stop pumping, you lose all of your efforts, and when you start again, you have to re-do all of that pumping you previously did.  Once you get water coming, you have to continue pumping or the water will stop. It takes some patience and hard work, without seeing immediate results.

When you make a goal, you will not always see results right way.  Just as you would with the water pump, you have to build up momentum, and have some faith that it will yield results.  This principle can really relate to any goal you make in your life.  It could be weight loss, business, money management, learning a new skill, trying to be a better friend, or whatever goal you have made for yourself.  Many people make goals in January (new year’s resolutions), but do not always keep them.  February and March are notorious for empty gyms, and forgotten resolutions.

I’ll let you in on one of my goals that I made for myself a few weeks ago.  I want to more regularly have a clean house.  I can feel myself starting to slack.  Right now, the dishes are not done.  There is spilled popcorn on the floor, and dinner dishes are still on the table.  I will talk more about the specifics of goal making on Monday, but for now I would just like to encourage.  Obviously I need encouragement, so I’m assuming you could use some too.  Keep your momentum up.  If you have made new year’s resolutions, don’t quit.  Don’t lose all that you have worked for in January, just to revert back to old habits in February.  Let’s keep each other accountable, and help each other achieve our goals.


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