Have a Wonderful Weekend!

I’ve decided to try something new for the blog.  Posting every other day felt a little strange, and there wasn’t a lot of solidity to it.  I’ve decided to post five days a week (Monday through Friday) instead.  On Wednesdays I’ll put a video up, and on Fridays I’ll make a link chain of things I have enjoyed around the internet, and things that have inspired me.

It’s important to input good information to your brain in order to motivate yourself.  If the majority of input is cat videos on the internet, and the most popular TV show at the time, you will have a really hard time progressing in your goals.  Not that those things are bad.  They should just be limited.  We need to consistently feed our bodies and brains with good things to progress and to feel good about ourselves.

Hopefully this new schedule will help this site to be a bit more predictable.

Anyway, here are some things around the internet that I enjoyed:

Yoga With Adriene

10 ways you’re making your life harder than it has to be

Free Enterprise-A really simple explanation of free enterprise.


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